Hail season in North Charleston, SC, starts around the spring season and ends in September. Most hail storms occur in June, giving you plenty of time to prepare your roof. If you’ve experienced a hail storm, you know how destructive it can be on any structure it hits, including your property.

Charleston Roofs + Windows in North Charleston provides customers with the best service to prepare their property for hail season.

Start With a Complete Inspection

One of the first tasks that must be done to prepare your roof for this hail season is to have it thoroughly inspected. It is an opportunity to discover any areas that need attention. In addition to your roof, your gutter system must also be examined. This will ensure that the gutters are secure and clean and have the ability to drain water from your roof during the warmer months that soon approach.

If your roof has any damaged or worn-out areas, it is advised that you contact a professional roofing company like Charleston Roofs + Windows to have these issues addressed. This task should be done before hail season is in full swing. When problems are left unattended, hail can easily cause small issues to major problems. It can end up costing you much more to repair or replace in the future.

Repair Any Damage Before Hail Storms Begin

The most crucial piece of advice we offer our clients is to be sure not to enter hail season without repairing roof damage. If you enter hail season with even minor damage on your roof, it can cause a devastating situation. Missing shingles may not seem like a big deal, but if not repaired, a heavy storm can cause your roofing system to fail. An incident like this can put your home and belongings in danger of damage.

Structural damage, mold, and leaks can be expensive to repair. That’s why it’s advised to take the most cost-effective route and repair any of your roof’s weak points. An inspection and the repairs that ensue must be completed before the damaging hail arrives. This method allows your roof to have the best chance of withstanding violent storms.

Another point to keep in mind is that insurance policies don’t cover damage on roofs that are not in good standing. It is unlikely that they’ll pay for repairs after a hail storm on a roof that is old and in disrepair.

At Charleston Roofs + Windows, we help our customers prepare for hail season by doing a comprehensive inspection by certified roofers that can properly assess your roof’s integrity. An experienced roofer knows what issues will require attention to prevent them from being exacerbated during a heavy hail storm. We want our customers to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs as much as possible. Our philosophy is that prevention is the key to avoiding expensive problems.

If your roof does need to be replaced, it is a great opportunity to consider investing in metal roofing or architectural shingles. These are impact-resistant roofing materials that are great during hail storms. Similar to standing seam roofing and stone-coated steel, metal roofing is extremely durable and storm-resistant. If there’s any damage at all from a hail storm, it would probably be small cosmetic details.

We advise our customers to choose materials with Class 3 or 4 ratings as specified in the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2218 standard. With Class 4, you can be sure that it is the highest rating and the material will not break when impacted twice on the same spot. These results were tested by using 2-inch steel balls to make them comparable to a hail storm.

Although impact-resistant roofing materials are more expensive up front, they are the smartest long-term investment in South Carolina’s extreme weather conditions. This choice saves you a significant amount of money over the years. Additionally, insurance companies commonly provide premium discounts for customers that install Class 4-rated roofs on their properties. These discounts can be approximately 15% to 35%, which can quickly add up to the overall investment on your roof.

Assess Trees Around Your Home

In addition to doing a full inspection of your roof, it is also important to assess the trees that surround your property. The inspection is helpful to determine if there are dead or loose branches that can cause damage. These must be removed immediately because branches can break during hail storms causing damage to your roof.

Our team at Charleston Roofs + Windows has experience removing branches that can become a problem for your roofing system. It is dangerous to do this yourself; instead, allow professionals to safely remove any potentially hazardous branches.

Check the Coverage on Your Insurance Policy

Another way to prepare for this hail season is to check your home’s insurance policy. Find out what your insurance policy covers and how much you can expect to pay on a deductible. Knowing this important information will give you the confidence to face the hail storms ahead before they start. It is best not to have any surprises that could cause you more stress than necessary.

Your insurance agent will help you figure out the out-of-pocket expenses you can expect to pay in the event of property damage from a hail storm. You must keep in mind that insurance deductibles specific to hail storms are not the same as deductibles for other claim types such as theft or fire.

Instead of charging customers a flat fee for a deductible, most insurance companies charge a percentage of your property’s insured value. This cost can range anywhere from 2% to 5% depending on the insurer.

For example, if your home has an insured value of $200,000 with a 3% deductible, you can expect to pay $6,000. This is a significant amount of money for most households. Keep in mind that this amount of money is your out-of-pocket expense before the insurance company pays for damage after a hail storm.

As we enter hail season here in South Carolina, Charleston Roofs + Windows is ready to help you be well-prepared for the violent storms ahead.

Contact Us and Be Prepared This Hail Season

At Charleston Roofs + Windows, we understand how stressful it can be to feel unprepared for hail season in North Charleston. Homeowners stay safe and keep their properties protected with the professional assistance of our certified roofers that take care of all necessary preparations.

To maintain the best roof structure, it is key to call in our professional roofers to perform a comprehensive annual inspection each spring. We are able to do a precise assessment of your roofing system and make sure it is all in place for the stormy season ahead.

If we detect even minor issues, we can tend to them immediately before they become major problems. In addition to quality craftsmanship and timely professional service, we provide competitive pricing. With our assistance, you’ll be able to rest assured that your property will be ready to overcome any storm that Mother Nature throws your way. We are proud to offer roof repair, installation, and maintenance services, as well as window replacement.

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