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The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests checking your roof a couple of times a year, in addition to regular professional roof inspections. Shingle roofs can often go three years between professional inspections, and tile roofs can last around five.

But if a strong storm or other extreme weather conditions occur, an inspection should happen sooner. Without proper attention, the well-being of your roof can fall by the wayside and cost you in the future with costly and preventable repairs. Charleston Roofs + Windows is experienced in preventative maintenance plans to avoid heavy expenses and keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Charleston Roofs + Windows Offers Roof Maintenance & Inspections In:

How to Prevent Roof Damage

Roof Inspection Section 2 Static Image Preventative maintenance is critical to the durability of your roof. Take the right steps now to prevent roof damage and ensure your structure is in optimal condition, so you can avoid more extensive and costly services down the road.

Our Charleston roofing company offers comprehensive inspections to help homeowners address any necessary repairs and gain peace of mind. However, there are steps you may take on your own.

Here are some key steps you can take to help prevent roof damage:

  • Check for leaks: Leaks can be present without much visibility until it’s too late. Check your ceiling and walls for stains or water damage. Go into your attic and look for leaks from your roof after a rainstorm.
  • Watch for tree damage: Regularly trim tree branches so they won’t scrape or fall onto your roof. Also, clear your gutters of leaves or branches so they can drain properly.
  • Look for needed roof repairs: Whether it’s flashing, caulking, or missing shingles, keep an eye on your roof’s wear and tear. Check around skylights, chimneys, and for loose or broken shingles to prevent a full roof replacement.

We’ll Use Our Expertise To Support You

To perform a thorough inspection, a roofing contractor needs appropriate training and expertise. Our team of contractors is GAF certified and fully insured for your protection. With Charleston Roofs + Windows, you can always be assured of the highest possible quality for your roof maintenance. If you are concerned about your windows, our team also performs window installation for replacing older frames on homes.

Charleston Roof Inspection & Maintenance: Protect Your Investment

A well-maintained roof is essential for protecting your home and its occupants. Routine roof inspection and maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your roof. We will review the importance of roof inspection and maintenance, the process involved schedule roof inspections, and how to choose a roofing contractor in Charleston.

Inspection Process

Our thorough roof inspection process includes thoroughly examining your roof’s condition. Our experienced roof inspectors will assess and inspect the following areas:

  1. Structural inspection
  2. Interior inspection (attic and ceilings)
  3. Roofing material and its condition
  4. Flashing and roof valleys
  5. Roof penetrations (vents, pipes, and chimneys)
  6. The gutter system and downspouts
  7. Potential water damage and mold growth

We conduct a thorough inspection that includes visual inspection, material inspection, roof system, and other components of your roofing system. After the inspection, we will provide a detailed report outlining any issues found, recommended repairs, and an estimate of the comprehensive roof inspection and the cost to repair or replace the roof, depending on the roof’s condition.

Roofing Material

The roofing material used on your home can impact the frequency and type of maintenance required. Common materials include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and tile roofing. Our experts can help you understand and address each material’s unique needs. We will guide you in choosing the best roofing for your house, whether it’s our shingle roofing or metal roofing services.

Seasonal Roof Care

In addition to frequently having your roof inspected, it’s essential to be proactive about seasonal roof care. For example, ensure your roof is prepared for high winds and heavy rainfall during hurricane season. In the winter, ensure your roof is free from ice dams and snow buildup that can cause storm damage elsewhere. Our storm damage repair services can also help you address any issues from extreme weather conditions. We can help you develop a roof maintenance checklist that you can follow throughout the year to help keep your roof spick-and-span.

Choosing a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When it comes to maintaining your roof, choosing a roofing contractor with experience and a proven track record is crucial. At Charleston Roofs and Windows, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality workmanship. Our team of licensed and insured professionals will work with you to develop a personalized preventative maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs. Learn more about us and why we are the preferred choice for your Charleston roofing inspection, inspection, and maintenance.

Regular roof inspections and maintenance are essential for protecting your home and prolonging the life of your roof. Choosing a reputable roof inspector like the ones at Charleston Roofs + Windows ensures that your roof remains in top condition and avoids costly repairs. 

Whether you are looking for a roof inspection, getting your roof maintenance, or considering getting a new one. Charleston Roofs and Windows is your go-to roofing company in South Carolina. Our experienced roofing professionals follow the latest rules, regulations, and building codes when repairing or replacing your roof.


What is the difference between roof repair and roof replacement?

Roof repair involves fixing specific issues, cracks, or damage on your existing roof, while roof replacement involves removing the entire roof and installing a new one. The decision between repair and replacement will depend on the damage’s severity, the roof’s age, and the cost-effectiveness of each option.

How long does a roof inspection take?

A typical roof inspection can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the size of your home and the complexity of your home’s roof toping system.

What types of roofing materials require more frequent maintenance?

While all roofing materials require some level of maintenance, some materials, such as wood shakes and asphalt shingles, may require more frequent inspections and maintenance compared to metal or tile roofing.