Causes of Roof Leaks

Anyone who has experienced a leaky roof knows how big of an inconvenience it can be. Additionally, a leaking roof may become the root of significant damage to several areas of a home especially if the cause goes undiscovered. To avoid additional damage to the rest of the home a leaking roof should be attended to as soon as possible.

Water travels in the path of least resistance which means a roof leak can often start somewhere other than where the leak may appear to be, this often makes it difficult to locate the exact spot or cause of a leak. Homeowners should make sure to check for some of the most common reasons why a roof would leak in order to stop existing leaks or to prevent potential ones.

A roof is exposed to the elements more so than the rest of the home. Rain, snow, wind, and exposure to the sun damage your roof over time. Be sure to check for aged materials that look brittle or cracked, also be sure to check for thin or melted tar which is what keeps shingles together. If any symptoms of an aged roof are visible, be sure to address the problems sooner rather than later.

Homeowners should occasionally check rooftops for any buildup of debris such as twigs, leaves, or pine needles. Debris can collect water in isolated spots on the roof which can cause water to seep into it, keeping the roof clear allows water to run off and not collect.

Make sure to check around any roof vents and flashing seals, water can penetrate through aged or damaged seals on a roof where vents, chimneys, or other structures penetrate through the roof. Check and replace damaged seals or vents to prevent any potential leaks.

Lastly, be sure to check for missing shingles as a result of high winds, small holes as a result of removing TV antennas or other structures, backed-up or clogged gutters, and any excess moisture that is visible on the roof. If any of these tasks are too much for you to complete or if you would like to have a damaged portion of your roof repaired, contact us today!

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