While all roofing materials are designed to last for a lengthy period of time, no amount of maintenance will keep them in peak condition forever. Replacing a roof is a somewhat costly and time-consuming process. However, each type of roof and roofing material comes with its own costs and installation timeline, which gives you some control over the project and what you pay for it. At Charleston Roofs + Windows, we can work with all roofing materials.

How Long It Takes to Replace a Roof

The amount of time it takes for a roof to be replaced can differ depending on the shape and size of the roof. If an existing roof has been damaged, the replacement could take longer because of additional cleanup requirements. It’s possible that a full roof reconstruction would be required, which would likely take two to three days. When you hire us for your roof replacement needs, we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline before work begins.

Most roofing companies are performing multiple projects at the same time, which means that the team could work on demolishing the existing roof one day before returning for the remainder of the project a day or two later. In most cases, removing old shingles and sheathing will take a day or less. The installation of the new materials can take another day or two. There are, however, many factors that play a role in dictating what the project timeline will be.

Consider the Weather Conditions

No aspect of a roof replacement project can be completed during inclement weather. In the event that your existing roof is being replaced while the weather is cold, extra steps may need to be taken, which means that the timeline will be extended. If you’re outfitting your home with asphalt shingles, cold weather makes it more difficult for shingles to stick and seal after they’ve been placed on a roof.

Asphalt shingles should always be installed at temperatures that are higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If a roof is wet or icy, the roofing crews who work on it will be tasked with being in unsafe and hazardous working conditions. Roofing contractors typically look at the forecast before scheduling a roof replacement.

Different Timelines for Different Materials

The timeline of a roof replacement will differ depending on the complexity, size of your roof, and time of year. However, the most integral aspect of a roof replacement project is the material you select. The timelines for the most common roofing materials are:

  • Asphalt shingles – 1-2 days
  • Metal – 2-5 days
  • Membrane – 2-14 days
  • Wood shakes – 2-5 days
  • Concrete tile – 5-14 days

Asphalt shingles are almost always easy to install, which is why the installation process is the shortest of all materials. In comparison, membrane and concrete tile materials can require complex and time-consuming installation steps. Make sure that you also focus on the type of roof you have when estimating the timeline. A roof replacement is much easier on a flat roof when compared to a pitched roof.

Roofing Timeline Based on House Size and Steepness of Roof

If you have a large home, there’s a good chance that the project timeline will be longer than it would be for a smaller home. For instance, replacing the roof on a one-room cabin should be considerably quicker than replacing the roof on a large estate home. Based on this factor, you can expect the pricing of the roof replacement to be based on the structure’s square footage.

If a roof is found to be steep enough that walking across it is difficult, extra safety equipment will need to be installed before work begins, which extends the project’s timeline. The same is true if it’s believed that the tools or materials will slide off during installation.

The project timeline can also be extended if the pitch of your roof is shallow enough that water runoff will be slow. In this scenario, additional underlayment must be installed to make sure that any backed-up water doesn’t get into the housing envelope.

Accessibility of Your Roof

When you hear about the accessibility of your roof, this refers to the ability our team has to get to your roof. Access will be needed when tearing off the materials of your old roof, taking the materials to a dump truck, and hauling new materials up to your roof for eventual installation.

There are several things that can make it difficult to access a roof, which include a fence being close to the area, no paved surface nearby, and rows or bushes being too close to the house. When any of these issues are present, every step of the roof replacement will take longer to be completed. The severity of the issue will determine if the project timeline is delayed by several hours or as much as a day.

Presence of Structural Damage

If your shingles are the only materials that must be replaced, the entire roof replacement project could be finished in a day or two. On the other hand, the presence of structural damage or other problems to the deck of the roof could lead to delays.

Take the Replacement Method Into Account

The amount of time it takes to replace your existing roof also depends on the method that’s used to complete this process. The two primary methods are overlay and tear-off.

The overlay technique involves new shingles being installed directly over the damaged areas of your roof. If you request this method, the costs will be lower and the timeline quicker when compared to the tear-off technique.

The main issue with using this process is that old damage may only be covered up instead of being fixed. There’s also a possibility that your manufacturer warranty will be voided. As for the tear-off method, it involves tearing off all of the old and damaged materials before having new materials installed.

Why a Quick Roof Replacement May Not Be Better

While it’s possible for a roof replacement to be completed in just a single day, there are some replacement projects that need to take longer if you want your new roof to be properly installed. Roofers who promise to complete a job on a quick timeline may rush their work. While the roof may be installed properly, the cleanup process may not be handled with care.

As with most home improvement projects, quality is more important than speed. Choosing speed over quality could result in the new roof developing a leak shortly after it’s installed. When you request our roof replacement services, we’ll complete the project in a timely manner.

At Charleston Roofs + Windows, we offer roof inspection, repair, and replacement services for homeowners in North Charleston, SC. If your existing gutters have been damaged or aren’t functioning properly, we’ll inspect the impacted area before providing you with a detailed analysis of the issue and what it will take to repair it. If the damage is extensive, we may suggest a full replacement and provide you with a cost estimate. Our team at Charleston Roofs + Windows also offers window replacement and storm damage restoration services. Call us today to learn more about our services or request a free estimate!

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