When to Replace the Roof

There are many people who have little leaks and problems with their roofs that unfortunately, they have put off dealing with. You might have had one small leak that was fixed but remember that these leaks and issue areas could become greater and greater every day. You have a problem that cannot be controlled with small repairs, and you will spend far too much money on the repair when you could just as easily replace your roof. Consider the following information if you’re thinking of getting a new roof.

1. Have You Had A Storm Come Through The Area?

Storms pass through Charleston every year, and sadly they can cause massive damage to your roof. However, after repetitive storms, there comes a time when the roof must be replaced completely. The only way to do that is to be sure that you have had a full estimate written for the roof. We can send someone to your home, and you will see an estimate that offers the best price for any replacements that are needed.

2. Replacement Roofs Are Good For Utility Bills

The utility bills in your house will go down when you have had the roof replaced. You can replace the roof and have a ridge vent installed that allows for ventilation in your attic or upstairs crawl space. This, in turn, allows your home to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. You are not holding onto the air that would normally be trapped in there, and you will find that the replacement roof instantly changes the feeling of the attic and the upper floors of your home.

3. You Can Change The Look Of The House

You can change the look of the house by having your roof replaced. You will get new shingles that look completely different, and you could add color to the roof that you might not have gotten at any other time. You could use brown or terra cotta shingles, and you could purchase black shingles that look very striking when you see them from the street. Changing the curb appeal of your home raises its value, and it helps you show that you have taken good care of the home.

4. How Do You Get An Estimate?

The purpose of the estimate is to see how much it will cost to replace the roof. However, we understand that you might need to work with your insurance company because that is the only way for you to pay for the roof. We can work with your insurance company, and you can line up the cost of the roof replacement with the payment that you will receive from the insurance company. Someone who has gotten an estimate can hold onto that estimate, and they can use that estimate as a guide when the work is done.

5. Quick Service

We understand that there are many roof jobs that can only be done when the weather is perfect. We can make allowances for the weather, and we will be sure that you see your roof replacement happen faster than you thought. You have expectations that the roof can be replaced before the next storm system comes in, and we will give you progress reports along the way. There are times when we can do this replacement in a day, and there are other times when we need a little bit more leeway. In either case, we work hard to move quickly.

6. The Fairest Price

We give the fairest price to all our customers, and we make sure that all those customers are happy with the estimate before any work is approved. Replacing your roof can be an expensive experience, and we want you to feel like you are getting the most value.

7. Do Your Own Inspection

You must do your own inspection of the house at least once a week to see what is going on in the space. You might notice the leaks yourself, or you could hear the wind passing through the roof that is coming from a gap in the shingles. There is no way to know for sure unless we have come out to help you, but you will at least know that something must be done in your home.

There are many people who will find that they can have their roof replaced for a fair price right now because they have spent too much money on small repairs. You will be much happier with the results you get when you are using our roofing services. We can inspect the house for you, recommend the perfect roof replacement, and show you why these things are happening. You can take precautions to avoid damage in the future, and you will find that you can have a brand new roof on the house before the next storm passes through.

Our Charleston roofing, window, and home exterior experts have the experience and compassion to ensure your home stays safe and your family is protected for decades to come. Contact us today to request a free roof inspection.

Charleston Roof & Windows Team

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