Windows are an integral part of any home. Windows not only provide airflow and natural lighting, but they also help to keep heat in and cold air out during the winter months. Understanding which signs to look for when you are thinking of replacing your windows is a way to ensure you do not waste time when making a decision. Replacing old, outdated, or inefficient windows not only adds to your home’s value but also increases the amount of insulation and protection you receive once they are installed.

Drafts Throughout Your Home

If you have a noticeable increase in drafts in your home, seek out the cause. Most often, the cause of air drafts involves old, outdated, and poorly insulated windows. Windows that require replacing are no longer capable of keeping the air in or out, resulting in a spike of energy and heat usage, especially throughout the winter months of the year.

Increase in Energy Bills (Due to Leaks)

When your energy bill spikes it is important to determine whether or not your windows are at fault. When windows are leaking and no longer capable of holding heat or cool air in, your furnace and air conditioning setups are required to utilize more energy to maintain your preferred temperature. Window leaks can lead to a massive waste of energy during all seasons, which is why it is important to keep an eye on new drafts you have discovered in your home. Avoiding the process of upgrading or replacing all of your windows can lead to spending more money annually just to keep your furnace or air conditioner running at the temperature you desire.

Thin Glass

Windows that are thin and single pane are much less insulated than updated and modern window glass options. Consider the age of the windows currently in your home. Windows that were installed pre-1970 are much less energy-efficient and likely require a replacement as quickly as possible to prevent overspending on energy and paying more for your air conditioning and heat throughout the year.

Cloudy Glass

When your home’s windows become foggy and cloudy as temperatures rise and fall, there is a good chance that they are no longer properly protecting your home from outside conditions. Windows that appear cloudy are exposed to wet weather and condensation, especially if the windows are collecting the cloudiness and wetness on the inside of the home. Inspect the areas surrounding your windows to determine where the leaks and cracks are originating from before choosing replacement window solutions that are right for you.

Your Windows Have Become Unsightly

Whether you have intentions of selling your home or simply want to increase your home’s overall property value, installing new windows is a must. When windows become unsightly, they are less likely to attract potential buyers and can ward off those who are looking to avoid expensive repairs and replacements immediately upon moving in. Improve the look and value of your home with a new window installation that is modern and more energy efficient.

Replacement Parts Are Difficult to Find

As window styles, age, and modern windows are manufactured, finding replacement parts for your current or outdated windows becomes increasingly difficult. If you are no longer able to simply find replacement parts for your windows at local home improvement stores or directly from your window manufacturer, consider upgrading all of the windows in your home. Newer windows often use universal repair parts, making it much easier to implement simple fixes without replacing one window that does not match the rest of your home.

Outside Noise

If you hear noise constantly outdoors through your windows even when they are closed, it may be time to consider a replacement or upgrade. Windows that have poor acoustic insulation are also more likely to leak air with lesser insulation altogether. Older windows are more at risk for poor acoustic insulation. Take the time to listen closely next to each window in your home to determine which areas of your home are the most poorly insulated.

Knowing the most common signs that it is time to replace your windows can ultimately help save money while ensuring your home is as insulated as possible at all times. When you want to move forward with window replacement throughout your home, contact Charleston Roofs + Windows to learn more about the services we provide today. Charleston Roofs + Windows specializes in window repair and replacements, providing you with top-notch service to ensure your home is protected with today’s best and most energy-efficient window styles.

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