It’s finally cooling off here in Charleston making those outside DIY projects a little more bearable. Among the chores, you should add to your to-do list: treating your roof to some preventative maintenance. The following tasks can be accomplished in an afternoon and will go a long way toward preserving the integrity of your roof.

Here’s what to do:

Remove Debris

Your roof collects a lot of debris over the year. Needles, seeds, twigs, and leaves accumulate in the valleys collecting moisture. Moisture leads to mold, algae, and, eventually, rot.

Clean Out the Gutters

This is the time of year when your gutters, if neglected, will become packed with leaves, compromising their most crucial function. Gutters protect the entire home from moisture damage by diverting water away from the foundation through the downspouts.

When gutters become clogged, water will overflow onto the foundation where it can seep into your basement or crawl space, putting your home at risk of mold. Plus, waterlogged gutters put a major strain on the facia and could collapse altogether.

All these things can be easily avoided by simply scooping the muck out of your gutters.

Check Attic for Airflow

Adequate airflow in the attic is critical to the health of your home. Ventilation allows outside air to flow through the attic, removing excess heat and moisture. Without adequate airflow, temperatures can soar upwards of 130 degrees. Those temperatures will radiate through the ceiling, compromising your comfort. The following signs indicate poor ventilation:

  • Damp or mold-blackened rafters and ceiling joists
  • Matted insulation
  • Rusty metal fasteners

If you notice any of these, schedule an appointment with a professional to discuss solutions.

Also, check for blocked vent openings. Dirt, leaves, twigs, and other debris can obstruct vents. You can easily clear them out with a paintbrush. If you have a roof ridge, climb on the roof and clear out any debris.

Trim Back Branches

Remove any branches that are hanging over your home. Not only will this protect you from wind damage, but it will also cut down on the number of leaves that fall into your gutters.

Look for Needed Repairs

Watch for broken or missing shingles and check around the skylights, chimneys for signs of wear and tear. If you spot anything that should be repaired, contact the pros at Charleston Roofs + Windows today.

Charleston Roof & Windows Team

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